10 thoughts on “Jailbait - Acting Edition

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    Aw man God How unfortunate And it s so odd how this play just keeps living on in my mind just because there are so many unaddressed repercussions.

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    Some great one on one scenes for M M, M F, or F F Based on the description, I thought it was going to be a littledisturbing than it turned out to be O Connor creates believable characters, but the dialogue is too on the nose for my taste.However, where it truly counts between the characters of Claire and Robert, there is a sense of mystery, of connection which is completely illegal I wish I haddialogue between ...

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    A strange, unnerving play Two 15 year old girls dress up as 21 year olds and go to a club, where they meet up with two 30 something men Touches on the borderlines between being in grieving and pursuing happiness, the fine line between...

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