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Living Machines: Bauhaus Architecture As Sexual Ideology Following Up His Best Selling Books Degenerate Moderns And Dionysos Rising, E Michael Jones Completes The Trilogy As He Reveals In This Book How Modern Architecture Arose Out Of The Disordered Moral Lives Of Its Creators Beginning With The Simultaneous Collapse Of Both His Marriage And The Austro Hungarian Empire, Walter Gropius Formulated An Architectural Rhetoric That Would Speak To The Needs Of The Newly Emerging Modern Man As A Sexually Liberated Social Monad, Modern Man Would Have No Need For Home Or Family, No Need To Be Rooted In A Particular Time Or Place He Was To Live Henceforth In The International Style Soon That Deeply Materialistic, Sterile Architectural Vision Would Conquer The World From The Suburbs Of Moscow To The South Side Of Chicago, The New Man Would Live In Machines, Living Machines , To Use Gropius Words Jones Book Is An Explanation Of Where That Vision Came From, Where It Led, And Why It Failed Illustrated.

About the Author: E. Michael Jones

Catholic writer, former professor at Saint Mary s College in Indiana and the current editor of Culture Wars magazine.E Micheal Jones is controversial for his criticism against judaism.

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    Bauhaus architecture can be seen in houses that have flat roofs, non load bearing walls, and are raised above the earth The nature of Bauhaus architecture is that of modern man designed to be functional and nothing else Not only in homes but in apartments as well Bauhaus represents virtually every condominium, high rise apartment, and college dorm in the world is it any wonder that college dorm life is virtually synonymous with sexual orgy Bauhaus architecture was the invention of Walter Gropius after the first world war The goal of Bauhaus architecture is to design a building where man s ties to the ground and family are severed but at the same time he lives in close proximity with other people while never developing ties to these people this is necessary for sexual liberation p 84 The college dorm gives one enough privacy for sexual escapades but enough proximity to other people to make the act possible Dorms are simply cubes stacked one upon another There is no soul there, nor can there be.Bauhaus architecture is not merely meant to destroy the family, but to propogate an entirely new social order It was to represent politics by design, or state socialism 107 The anti Christian nature of Bauhaus is evident in the flat roof a flat ...

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    An important book that explains the connection between Gropius s sexual immorality, his vision for egalitarian architecture and housing and the lives of those who have suffered inhabiting it.

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    Very good the basic argument is that Bauhaus Architecure is a manifestation of a love of death and fornication

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    Ironically, while reading this book I was watching Gweneth Paltrow in a food travel show, Spain on the Road Again with costar Mario Batali where she commented on Frank Gehry s Museum in Bilbo Spain She says to Batali, it the building doesn t even serve as a building, it s art , which underscores exactly what Dr Jones reveals in Living Machines What was so funny was Gweneth got dolled up for the tour of the museum and was literally limping around in stiletto high heels, shoes which didn t serve as shoes at all, but surely were some kind of art Now, Living Machines explains in the words of the architects themselves how the architects deliberately, knowingly, acted to design buildings to subvert the private family living space and subvert the spaces where we go to work and to church Whether one lives in Gropius projects on the South side of Chicago, worked in his model Bauhaus shoe factory in Germany, or lives in a luxury glass box apartment in Vancouver the intention of the architect is to control people by putting people in dangerously close proximity to one another to normalizing the loss of privacy in our controlled living spaces and also to normalize ones exposure to hazardous pub...

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    Good on history low on thesis One of Jones s poorer works Much better is

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