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    We re clearly back to one of the adventure oriented authors, and it s interesting to see how, no matter how Ruth and Helen try to escape from the evil Mexicans it s 1930, remember , they still in the end require Chess and Tom to ride in and truly save the...

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Ruth Fielding in Talking Pictures (Ruth Fielding, #26) Ruth Faces A New Challenge When Her Latest Film Fails To Attract The Usual Crowds At The Movie Houses The New Talking Movies Are The Rage, And Ruth S Silent Movie Is Of Little Interest To Moviegoers Ruth Is Intimidated By The Idea Of Making A Talking Movie And Fears That She Will Be A Failure Mr Hammond Insists That Ruth Make A Talking Movie And That Ruth Play The Starring Role Though Worried, Ruth Attacks The Project With Her Usual Fervor.Ruth Is Forced To Dismiss A Number Of Actors Who Do Not Have Good Screen Voices Unknown To Ruth, Some Of Them, Including Viola Casselle, Vow Revenge Meanwhile, A Playwright, Franklin Foote, Helps Ruth Work Out The Dialogue In Her Scenario, And His Girlfriend, Maizie Duckworth, Becomes Insanely Jealous Viola And Maizie Unite With Other Disgruntled Actors To Launch A Lawsuit Against Ruth.Ruth Is Troubled But Knows That The Lawsuit Has No Basis She Continues With Her Work, Unaware That The Disgruntled Actors Have Even Sinister Plans Afoot Ruth Is Abducted And Carried Across The Border Into Mexico Ruth Faces The Worst Predicament Of Her Life And Finds Herself Helpless In The Hands Of Her Enemies.