Kokoro no Katachi --- The Image of the Heart

Kokoro no Katachi --- The Image of the Heart Originally written in Japanese and published in Japan in 2002, Kokoro no Katachi The Image of the Heart has been offering a unique perspective on the Japanese martial arts Budo or Bugei and their cultural significance to many readers What is true Budo What does the journey to become a ma

DK Consciousness

DK Consciousness Enlighten the human mind combining DK Yoo s philosophy, thoughts, science, psychology, hypnosis, Eastern and Western philosophies and religions into one This ONE book will provide you FULL understanding of all the human minds that religions and philosophers have ever argued.

Aïkido : Etiquette et transmission

Aïkido : Etiquette et transmission Nobuyoshi Tamura est 8e dan d a kido, grade le plus lev d livr par l A kika de Tokyo, centre mondial de l aikido, o il tudie de nombreuses ann es sous la direction de O.Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, le fondateur de cet art N Tamura occupait un r le pr minent dans le petit groupe des uchideshi l

Tao of Jeet Kune Do

Tao of Jeet Kune Do From the Introduction In 1970, Bruce sustained a rather sever injury to his back His doctors ordered him to discontinue the practice of martial arts and to remain in bed to allow his back heal This was probably the most trying and dispiriting time in Bruce s life He stayed in bed, virtually fla